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The Surfer's Guide to the Universe: In the Domain of Waves

First presented at the International Big History Conference August 3, 2012

Synopsis: This talk reports on the development of a Little Big History of waves. The project is based on my 90-minute stage presentation called The Surfer’s Guide to the Universe which explores the nature of waves as a fundamental component of the universe. In the Surfer’s Guide we trace waves back to their source, all the while, referring to the great equations of physics.

Excerpt: Whether or not we surf, we live in the domain of waves. I know this because in between the sets of waves, a surfer has time to ponder them. As a scientist, I have calculated wave functions, amplitudes, and periods, while as a surfer, I have simply felt their thrill, power and pummelings. In this project I tell a "little big history" of the wave as contemplated by a scientist and surfer. It is a performance imbued with quantum physics and photons, meteorology, music, and marine geology. I'll carve a line that reconciles conceptual knowledge with the lived-experience of waves. It is science, but not above the inevitable poetic "stoke" that comes with experiencing a wave on its terms; wet.

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