Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ask and ye shall receive...

...well sort of.

In a previous post I "lamented" the wholesale spending of a gazillion billion on AIDS research. Well it appears that Bill Clinton and Richard Branson have been reading my blog.

In reality, Branson has pledged $3 billion in estimated profits from the Virgin Transportation Group toward environmental causes via Bill Clintons "Global Initiative" (A bit ironic but still good news).

No sooner did I learn about this that I overheard MSNBC's Tucker Carlson criticize the deal by saying something like "that money would be better spent on cancer and AIDS research" he went on to justify it by reasoning that Global Warming is a problem that probably can't be solved...Probably cant be solved! Get with the program TC - how about some long term vision. If global warming isn't solved, and the planet becomes uninhabitable, then certainly cancer and AIDS are no longer a problem. Doh! Am I the only one that thinks like this?

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