Friday, January 05, 2007

Please read

Over a decade ago, I founded and ran a small idealistic nonprofit called "Research Expeditions - Adventures with a mission" (this link points to an online web archive from the early days of the internet. I get all nostalgic as I explore it. Oh how naive :).

Research Expeditons was my way to bring people out into the natural world to experience it first-hand. I specialized in foot and sail powered adventures in East Africa and the Caribbean. The idea was that a scientifically-induced, viceral experience in nature would manifest as a new personal ethic - a new worldview, an "omniscopic" perspective.

Research Expeditions eventually became Omniscopic Productions and for many years now, Omniscopic has been my small one-man production company dedicated to producing media with the same basic goal.

It is still my guiding belief, that an omniscopic perspective is the best hope for a long-term sustainable human future. So I'm still dedicated to articulating and communicating the ideas, and making them accessible to all.

Omniscopic Inc. is now an umbrella entity from which I can launch a variety of educational projects (more on this later). But as I've been putting the finishing touches on the Omniscopic charter statement I have found myself returning again and again to a document I stumbled across years ago. The Earth Charter is such an eloquent and important document, I feel compelled to encourage you to read and endorse it. It clearly descibes my personal mission.

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